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    Priorities and objectives of the Belgian presidency

    The main priorities of the Belgian presidency are defined by the 18-month programme jointly drawn up by the presidency trio comprising Spain (2nd semester of 2023), Belgium (1st semester of 2024) and Hungary (2nd semester of 2024).

    The Belgian presidency continues to review the legislative framework taking into account user needs. Attention is paid not only to users' needs in terms of their search for new or different data or statistics, but also to the skills that young users in particular need to understand and critically approach data and statistics in our data-dominated society. The focus is also on how statistical thinking and data literacy can become an integral part of standard curricula in education. 

    Therefore, the conference ”Towards a more statistically literate future” will take place during the Belgian presidency in Bruges on 2 and 3 May 2024. The event will provide an opportunity to debate and exchange experiences on increasing statistical literacy among young people.

    The Belgian presidency builds on the progress made by previous presidencies and endeavours to complete or make as much progress as possible on legislative files.

    In addition, the Belgian presidency is following up on other regulations that are important for official statistics.

    Presidency team

    • Olivier Goddeeris – Chair of the Council Working Party on Statistics 
    • Patrick Lusyne – Senior Advisor, Data Steward, Co-chair 
    • Anouk Deceulaer – International Strategy and Coordination Department 
    • Amandine Van Lathem – International Strategy and Coordination Department 
    • Karsten Kumps – International Strategy and Coordination Department 
    • Charles-Hubert Remiche – Legal Advisor
    • Wendy Schelfaut – Head of the Communication and Dissemination Department

    Web page of the Belgian presidency of the Council Working Party on Statistics

    On the web page you will find all info on the programme of Belgium and of the presidency trio on statistics. You will also find news items on working parties in the Council of the European Union and information on events.

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    15 February 2024