The FPS Economy represents customer-oriented operation, high quality requirements and respectful relations with citizens, companies and other stakeholders. The FPS Economy is a team of around 1,800 people who are building the economy of tomorrow.

As part of an interactive process, the employees themselves formulated the five values of the FPS Economy:

At Your Service

We provide our general interest services in a customer-oriented manner. We treat our own colleagues, citizens, enterprises and other parties concerned as we would like them to treat us.


In all our diversity, we respect each other and we respect our environment. We comply with the ethical framework of the federal administration and always act with integrity.

Strong Together

We work in a positive atmosphere with the different services and departments. Team work and trust are the main pillars that allow common goals to be achieved.


We make it a point of honour to carry out our work in a professional and reliable manner and we are proud of our work. We aim to be the best in our field.


We work together with our stakeholders to strive for a better living and working environment for current and future generations.

Ethical Codes

All federal civil servants, including those of the FPS Economy, must serve the general interest and not their own individual interests. They must, therefore, respect the values and standards of the public service.

These values and standards are brought together in the:

How Do FPS Economy Agents Guarantee Their Legitimacy?

Several FPS Economy departments ensure compliance with various regulations. The checks and investigations carried out by these departments can take place anywhere in Belgium, even in private homes. The agents carrying out these checks have proof of legitimacy.