Types of public contracts

Public contracts are purchasing contracts concluded by a public service with one or more operators (economic, private or public) in order to meet its needs for goods, services and works.

Generally speaking, the markets can be divided- into two categories:

  • Contracts that are publicly announced but whose accessibility is determined by the chosen procedure:
    • candidates submit a “selection file”. However, only those selected on the basis of predefined exclusion and quality criteria (financial capacity, technical competence) will be able to participate in the contract and submit a tender. This procedure is said to be restricted.
    • candidates submit a selection file and simultaneously submit a tender. This procedure is said to be open. These contracts must be advertised on e-procurement.
  • Contracts brought to the attention of a specified number of potential candidates:
    • the public service itself selects the companies likely to provide the service or supply the good specified by the contract. The selected companies are then invited to submit a tender. The tenders are then compared in order to determine the most attractive one. To this end, the public service may enter into negotiations with one or more candidates.

How to participate

Check the notices regularly and participate in e-procurement contracts

All notices for contracts that are open to all, from all FPSs and particularly those of the FPS Economy, are published on e-procurement.

If you wish to participate in one of our contracts, please follow the instructions on this official website. Please contact the site helpdesk if you need help.


Please see the portal on the belgium.be website in order to follow the evolution of the public procurement regulations.