The e-procurement platform

For some years now, in order to increase the transparency and visibility of its purchasing procedures and thus guarantee equal treatment for all participants, the Purchasing Department has been using e-procurement applications and encouraging companies to use it to participate in competitive bidding.

E-procurement is a platform set up by the Federal Public Service Policy and Support (FPS BOSA) that enables companies and public sectors to organise, manage and monitor the entire public procurement procedure in a fully electronic and transparent manner.

It organises a secure and rapid system for the exchange of information and communication between the contracting authority and the company, throughout the entire process, from the publication of the contract notice, the call for applications, and the publication of the specifications (e-Notification) to the submission, receipt and opening of tenders (e-Tendering).

The Purchasing Department has created an online forum on e-procurement dedicated to each of its markets. This forum allows you - as an operator - to ask questions about the market(s) you are interested in and get answers, in a transparent manner.

Advantages of using e-procurement

It allows the public service to:

  • publish its contract notices promptly;
  • save time;
  • make contract documents available quickly;
  • guarantee equal treatment.

It allows you - as an operator - to:

  • read contract notices, download specifications and submit tenders in just a few clicks,
  • save time and costs (printing, postage, etc.);
  • benefit from a free alert service, in accordance with the criteria you define;
  • search and consult contract notices, opening minutes, etc.
  • quickly pass on all requests for information, explanations, etc.

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