Mission, vision and values

In order to efficiently manage its competences the FPS Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy has set itself a clear mission and vision.

In addition the FPS ensures respect for strong valuesExternal link as part of its daily work  for the benefit of businesses and consumers.


In a fast-changing Belgian and international economic context the mission of the FPS Economy consists of creating the conditions for a competitive, sustainable and balanced functioning of the Belgian market of goods and services. In that respect the FPS Economy intends to fully understand and support the Belgian goods and services market in order to stimulate it even more.


Over the next six years the FPS Economy, inspired by the values of respect and excellence, has the intention of developing a joint strategy to serve the players on the goods and services market. Within the federal authorities our FPS aims to be the key figure in regulating and coordinating the policies and the governance of the single market, as regards both its internal and external aspects, in a permanent dialogue with the regions.


The FPS Economy is a customer-oriented organisation aiming for high quality and a respectful contact with citizens, businesses and stakeholders. The FPS Economy is a team of more than 2,000 people at your service!

During an interactive process the staff has determined the four values of our FPS:

  • At your service:

We provide our services, focused on the public interest, in a customer friendly manner. We treat our colleagues, citizens, businesses and other stakeholders as we like to be treated.

  • Respect:

In all our diversity we have respect for ourselves and our surroundings. We observe the ethical framework of the federal authorities and offer our services with integrity.

  • Strong together:

We work together in a positive atmosphere across the different services and directorates. Teamwork and trust are essential building blocks for achieving our goals.

  • Excellence:

We make it a point of honour to perform our tasks in a professional and quality manner and are proud of our job. We strive to be the best in our field.


All federal officials, and consequently also the officials of the FPS Economy, must serve the public interest and not their own interests. Therefore they must comply with the values and standards of the civil service. These values are contained in the ethicalframework for the officials of the federal public office.


  • Plaquette de présentation du SPF Economie

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FPS Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy
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