Conditions governing access to the profession

In order to work as a self-employed worker, you must meet certain conditions (age, civil rights, etc.) and complete various legal formalities (registration with the Enterprise Crossroads Bank, VAT registration, joining a social insurance fund for self-employed workers, etc.).

These formalities are explained in detail in the chapter entitled “Business start-up steps”.

In addition to these obligations required of all entrepreneurs, there are specific steps to take for certain categories of self-employed workers.

These formalities are related to: proof of entrepreneurial abilities for commercial and craft professions (basic management skills and in some cases sector specific or cross-sectoral skills), conditions to meet in order to exercise or hold the title of a liberal or intellectual profession in services, to practise an itinerant or fairground trade, holding a protected title, obtaining a professional card for foreign workers as well as other licences and specific authorisations.

In the following chapters you will find information on the conditions governing admission to or exercising certain professions:

Commercial and craft professions

  • Basic management skills
  • Professional skills
  • Central jury
  • Establishment Council

Liberal and intellectual professions

  • Real estate agents
  • Architects
  • Surveyors- and valuers
  • Accounting and tax professions
  • Psychologists
  • Automobile experts

Holding a professional title

  • Service providers (intellectual professions)
  • Protection of titles for craft professions

Licences and specific authorisations

EU certificates


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