Safety of products and services

Consumers hold a key position in the economy. With industrial technology and innovation, new goods are constantly coming onto the market. Several laws have been drafted in order to protect consumer safety. General regulations always stipulate that only safe products and services can be placed on the market. This means that when a product or service enters the market, it cannot pose any risk under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use. As a producer or distributor, you are responsible for the consequences of any faults in your product or service.

If you know that a product or service you have placed on the market poses a risk to consumers, you must immediately inform the central contact point. You can find more information about this in the European brochure on the notification of dangerous consumer products. The “Product safety in Europe” guide to corrective actions also provides general advice about what you should do if one of your products is unsafe. You can use this guide to take corrective actions. The guide covers a range of corrective actions undertaken by producers and distributors (and not just the withdrawal of a product from the market!) and aims to eliminate the safety risks posed by a non-food product that is on the market.

The FPS Economy monitors the Belgian market and ensures that products and services meet safety requirements. If we believe a product is unsafe, we take appropriate action according to the situation. If necessary we will, for example, stop the sale of this product or ask the manufacturer to recall the product.

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Regulations on the safety of products and services

In addition to general regulations on the safety of products and services, there are also specific regulations, such as those for toys, playgrounds, machinery etc.

Some products may fall under different product groups and must therefore comply with various regulations.

General law on the safety of products and services

Active entertainment

Amusement parks

Cableway installations

Childcare items and toys

Construction products

Electrical equipment

Extreme entertainment

Explosives and fireworks

Food imitating products

Fun fairs

Gas appliances




Personal protection equipment


Pressure equipment

Rental of products

Tanning salons



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