Paintings, photos, designs, literature, cinema and music as well as websites, furniture designs, course manuals, choreographies and computer programs are all works which may be protected by copyright.

This type of protection implies that many uses may not be made of a work without authorization from its author (or its right holders).

The goal is to allow an author to make a living from others’ use of the work if he or she desires so by requiring users to submit a request before use.

Works protected by copyright also represent economic value for companies which choose to exploit them in a particular market (for example, disks, books, databases, software, etc.).

Protection of works through copyrights

What creations are protected by copyright? Under what conditions? What are copyrights? What are the options in case of a breach of copyright? Etc

Rights and obligations of users of works

How do I know whether a work is protected by copyright? What are my rights and what is prohibited in regards to a work (of music, a film, a website, a video, etc.)? Who must I contact to be able to use a protected work?

Monitoring department of companies which manage copyrights and related rights

What is the purpose of collective management of rights?
What are the legal obligations of management companies?
How are they controlled?

Image rights

How is a person’s image protected?
What are the duration and the conditions of this protection?


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