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In principle, no one is required to be represented by a patent agent before the Office for Intellectual Property. But if you would like to find representation, the Office provides a register of accredited patent agents.

An accreditation commission for patent agents was created in order to accredit agents and organise exams. This commission is also in charge of providing advice to the Minister on registration and disbarment of accredited agents.

The commission is made up of two sections, one Dutch-speaking and one French-speaking (of which one member must reside in the German-speaking part of the territory). Members of these sections are nominated by the Minister among persons who are particularly qualified in the field of industrial property, in particular patents. Four members of each section must be registered with the Register of Accredited Patent Agents.

The secretariat of the Patent Agent Accreditation Commission is overseen by the Office for Intellectual Property.

More information on accreditation and signing up with the Register



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