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Please be informed that the pages concerning intellectual property are only partially translated in English. Therefore, the English version can refer to French pages, which are not available in English. A complete overview of the pages concerning intellectual property is available in French and Dutch.

This site dedicated to intellectual property is designed to give you an overall look at regulations for different intellectual property rights: copyrights, related rights, rights for patents, trademarks, designs or models, databases, plant varieties, geographical indications and protected designations of origin, topographies of semiconductor products.

This site also informs you of practical tools to help you manage your intellectual property rights as well as your innovation projects: contact information for institutions which can provide advice or financial assistance, information on subsidies and tax reductions for innovation, databases of existing patents, prices, forms, etc.

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property protects intellectual creations such as innovative works, trademarks, inventions, software, etc. Different rules apply to each of these objects (copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights, etc.).

Below, there are links where you will find information on provisions related to specific intellectual property rights (copyrights, patent rights, trademarks, design rights, plant variety rights, etc.).


The Laws of 10 April and 19 April 2014 have inserted Book XI « Intellectual Property » in the Code of Economic Law. Two Royal Decrees of 4 September 2014 have laid down that the entry into force of the provisions concerning patents and supplementary protection certificates (Title 1 and Title 2 of Book XI) is set on the 22nd of September 2014. On that date, several rules on patents and SPCs are modified. You can find an overview of the major changes on the page Book XI Intellectual Property.

Therefore, some « patents » and « SPCs » pages of the website are obsolete. These pages are being updated.

As a result, we recommend readers to contact the Belgian Office for Intellectual Property Contact to verify that the information on patents and SPCs they need is still valid or to consult an independent professional before acting on the basis of the content of the site.

If you would like to determine, in advance, which intellectual property rights are potentially applicable to a musical, audiovisual or literary work, to photographs, technical inventions, websites, object designs, software, designs, clothing lines, computer games, domain names, databases, etc., you will find a sample list of different objects likely to be protected and related rights.

Electronic management of patents and supplementary protection certificates

BE-Benelux Patent Platform

Questions common to more than one intellectual property right

Innovation and intellectual property

Important intellectual property institutions and organisations

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