Electricity supply

Supply licence

In accordance with article 18 of the Law of 29 April 1999 on the organisation of the electricity market, any electricity supplies made in Belgium using the transmission network via intermediaries and suppliers are subject to licensing procedures. For electricity supplies made using the distribution network, refer to the websites of the regional regulatory authorities in the Brussels-Capital Region, the Walloon Region and the the Flemish Region.

The criteria and procedure for granting licences for the supply of electricity to clients registered in Belgium that are connected to the transmission network or to a direct line with rated voltage of greater than 70,000 Volts are determined by the Royal Decree of 2 April 2003 on licences for supply via intermediaries and on the applicable rules of conduct (MB 22 April 2003). Supply licence applications should be sent to CREG, the website of which is http://www.creg.be/External link.

Belgian power exchange

In accordance with article 18 of the Law of 29 April 1999, the Royal Decree of 20 October 2005 on the creation and organisation of a Belgian power exchange (MB 26 October 2005) establishes the regulatory framework required to guarantee the development and correct operation of exchanges for the electricity supplied by injection and/or withdrawal in the Belgian control area.

SA Belpex was appointed on 11 January 2006 to organise and manage the electricity exchange. This serves as a centralised platform for licensing electricity trading between buyers and sellers. It is an alternative to the bilateral agreements allowing market operators to locate sufficient power reserves at short notice, to sell excess capacity or to satisfy their balancing requirements.

The Belpex market regulation has been approved by the Ministerial Decree of 11 January 2006 on the approval of the power exchange regulation (MB 20 February 2006) and amended by the Ministerial Decree of 20 December 2007 on the approval of amendments to the power exchange regulation (MB 15 February 2008).


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